I Never Knew That About Ireland

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  • That the holy mountain Croagh Patrick is where St Patrick is said to have driven all the snakes in Ireland into the sea?
  • That the burial chamber at Newgrange is the oldest solar observatory in the world?
  • That there is a bathroom in Lismore Castle dedicated to Fred Astaire?
  • That Coca Cola began its path toward success on the Emerald Isle?
  • That the designs for the White House, the Sydney opera house, and the Louvre Pyramid sprang from the minds of Irishmen?


A fascinating journey through the lesser known details of Irish history

Packed full of myths, legends, inventions, and adventures, I Never Knew That About Ireland visit’s each of the island’s four provinces, unearthing hidden gems of history. Discover where ideas were born, where dreams were inspired, and where unforgettable figures from Ireland’s past now slumber. Did you know…

Famous for their culture, the Irish are full of facts and stories you never knew. This compendium sheds light on those little-known historical gems, giving captivating insight into Ireland, its people, and its past. A perfect companion for an Irish vacation, for reminiscing on past visits, or for those whose hearts have never left, this book will have you exclaiming again and again: “Well, I never knew that!”